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Welcome to DigiStox, experts in online investor awareness & marketing services for publicly-traded companies.

– Mass Market Awareness & Investor Lead Generation –


“The DigiStox team’s focus is to help clients deliver the strongest, most appealing, factual message possible to hundreds of thousands of interested investors through the exponential growth power of modern online marketing techniques.”

KRISTER KOTTMEIER, Founder of DigiStox

Proven Value from a Proven System

Our power is best realized by companies that are growing, improving and increasing their value. We also offer top support companies that have high potential for success that is not yet realized by the investing public. DigiStox provides significant value by helping to script and deliver the strongest, most appealing and factual message possible to hundreds of thousands of interested investors online. The DigiStox team’s unparalleled experience provides clients accelerated, mass-market awareness campaigns and corporate investor database growth like never before.

A publicly-traded company’s online presence and outreach to interested investors is now, more than ever, of upmost importance.

DigiStox was created to provide the strongest investor marketing system available to companies trading on stock exchanges anywhere in the world. Our sole purpose is to provide clients never-before-realized levels of investor interest, both retail and institutional. Our aim is to provide client shareholders with strong liquidity and maximum value.


DigiStox - Modern Power For Investor Relations

Old-school, phone-based IR operations have almost totally died out. The future lies with professional online stock marketing strategies. Investors today prefer to do their own investigating into promising stock market opportunities almost exclusively online.

DigiStox’ system is without question the future of Investor Relations.

DigiStox best client ROI (return on investment) to date was just over 2,600% in terms of new market buying. DigiStox has even managed to kick-start a non-trading OTCQB market from zero volume to one that now trades with good liquidity and an organized market that market makers love. Similarly and much to the joy of company shareholders, the DigiStox team successfully defended a TSXV-listed company’s trading market from total collapse due to rogue shareholders selling millions of shares aggressively and mercilessly.


DigiStox – Strategies From Long-Term Professional Experience

DigiStox’ CEO has over 25 years’ experience working as an exchange-registered consultant to dozens of public companies in the roles of President/CEO, Director, VP Finance, VP Corporate Development, Investor Relations and Chief Consultant. He has built two successful Investor Relations operations in his career, but fast realized the growing power of the Internet. Expert, online-marketing-focused investor relations efforts allow access to interested investors on a mass scale and in a much faster, more effective and cost-efficient way.

Having studied hard and taken multiple courses to learn everything he could about online marketing methods and strategies, our CEO developed an effective system of investor outreach & awareness, lead generation and effective CRM database management. In one course, he got to know the instructor who happened to be CEO of one of most successful online marketing firms in the Pacific Northwest boasting a team of experts with over 50 years’ combined experience in online marketing. The two seasoned professionals in their respective fields realized their combined knowledge, experience and modern strategies could provide publicly-traded companies the most valuable systems for investor awareness and lead generation, plus investor & shareholder relations available today.



Ready, Fire, Aim! Unfortunately, this is how most website owners approach online marketing. Companies who jump into web marketing tactics without first outlining a sound, cost-effective strategy ultimately spend far too much and get poor results. By being precise in your online investor relations strategy with DigiStox, your likelihood of market success goes up exponentially.

Online marketing is constantly morphing and advancing. New programs and strategies to help reach stock market investors are being developed regularly. The DigiStox team is constantly looking to identify the most efficient ways to increase investor interest and empower a publicly-traded company with increased liquidity and a maximized shareholder base.




DigiStox CEO Krister Kottmeier has worked with a wide range of publicly-traded companies since 1995. He has helped companies listed for trading in the UK, North America, Germany and Australia to reach their goal of strong liquidity and maximized shareholder value. Through his vast experience Krister knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to generating new interest for clients. He was the founder and builder of Contact Financial Corp. (née The Kottmeier Resolution Group) still in operation today. He then sold his interest and went on to create Progressive IR Consultants Corp., a company that operated successfully for eight years before Krister married the woman of his dreams and started a family.

Since moving with his family to the United Kingdom in 2019, Krister has been focused on all things DigiStox. No matter where anyone in the DigiStox team may be, we can provide the best value for public companies on any stock exchange, in any country in the world.


Reach, Engage & Inspire Potential New Shareholders

Retail Investors

Your company’s trading shares must attract new, individual, retail investor interest at all time to reach and sustain a liquid market and ensure maximum shareholder value. DigiStox reaches retail investors of all sizes to deliver your company’s story effectively while looking to capture investor contact information. Building a good working relationship with retail investors is important, but finding them is the hardest job. DigiStox makes the whole process simple for your company.

Institutional Investors

Institutional investors want to know your company’s story! Digistox has the best system for online institutional outreach and institutional investor lead generation. Institutional buying is what propels stock prices in the long run. Once a public company becomes popular with institutions, typically many will build share positions in that company. The higher a stock price goes, sustained by corporate growth and value, the more institutions feel compelled to have it in their portfolios. A DigiStox institutional campaign can put your company’s story in front of a massive audience of institutional investors in record time.

Market Support During Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a publicly-traded company cannot afford not to have powerful online marketing campaigns underway at all time. The inability to travel without quarantine, hold investor meetings, present at conferences and even go to the office has made the Internet the most important medium to generate new interest in your company’s trading shares. Let DigiStox help you keep your company moving forward to maximize shareholder value.

Investors Want To Know Your Public Company’s Value And Potential!

They just have yet to be introduced… and that’s were DigiStox comes in.

Investor Awareness - Shock & Awe

Get your publicly-traded company’s story in front of a massive audience of retail and institutional investors through strategically-targeted, custom online campaigns powered by DigiStox. At the same time, create wide-spread investor awareness with DigiStox’ specialized social media campaigns including multiple posts in multiple relevant investor groups and DigiStox’ and associates’ investor blogs and newsletters. DigiStox can also generate further interest for your company via an existing database of qualified, interested and active investors. Find out more today to help maximize your company’s shareholder value!

Capturing Investor Interest

Drive interested investors to informative landing pages outlining the merits of and potential for your publicly-traded company. Designed by DigiStox’ professional team, these pages are meant to capture interested investors’ contact information for entry into your company’s central CRM database system. From here, your company can commence regular communications via press releases, corporate updates, invitations to webinars and conference calls. You can also have your investor relations team invite DigiStox-generated investor leads to contact your company directly by email, or phone to ask questions and request further information. All of these actions are important parts of nurturing investor leads to allow them each to make a well-informed, fully independent decision to become a shareholder of your company.

Multiple Systems for Follow-Up

Repeatedly and consistently put your company in front of DigiStox-generated, interested investor leads via specialised, reminder-based advertising, automated email ‘drip’ marketing campaigns, and personalised follow-up campaigns. Such campaign are imperative to retain investor interest and to convert all leads interested into informed and confident shareholders. While an investment decision is always in the hands of the individual investors, assisting them with their due diligence and providing them with timely, factual information is essential help to maximize the potential for a positive investment decision. DigiStox is here to help you every step of the way!

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